White Paper Clearing House for the 2012 Solar and Space Physics Decadal Survey

The Decadal Survey in Solar and Space Physics is now underway, SSP2012.

To assist the survey committee, the scientific community has been asked to submit science concept white papers describing how to advance an existing or new scientific objective, contribute to fundamental understanding of the Sun-Earth system, and/or facilitate the connection between science and societal needs (e.g., improvements in space weather prediction).

Whitepapers are due on November 12, 2010

Instruction on the proper format for 7-page white papers are at this pdf.

The ideas and concepts received will be reviewed by one or more of the survey's study panels, which are organized to address the following themes:

and by cross-cutting working groups:

Initiatives and concepts that are cross-cutting among these themes are particularly encouraged.

The Solar Physics Division of the AAS wants to facilitate community involvement in the process. As a service to help coordinate the solar and space physics community response, this web page is available to those interested in preparing a white paper to register their intent and share information.

Proposed White Papers for Solar and Space Physics Decadal Survey



Contact e-mail


High-resolution, high-accuracy plasma, electric, and magnetic field measurements for discovery of kinetic plasma structures and processes in the solar wind.

John Podesta



Data Challenges for the Next Decade of Heliophysics Research

Nikunj Oza


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