Solar Physics White Papers for Astro2010

The latest Astronomy and Astrophysics Decadal Survey, Astro2010, is underway.

To assist the survey committee, the scientific community was asked to submit white papers focusing on how understanding of the scientific frontiers in astronomy may be advanced. White papers identify new science opportunities and compelling science themes, place those in the broader scientific context, and describe the key advances in observation, experiment, and theory necessary to realize those scientific opportunities within the decade 2010-2020. For details see the White Paper FAQs. The AAS has instituted an informational ASTRO2010 resource page as well.

Papers have been submitted to one or more of the five thematic Science Frontier Panels (SFPs). The most directly relevant to solar physics is Thematic Science Area 2: Stars and Stellar Evolution (SSE).

Note that only ground-based solar physics projects will be prioritized by the Program Prioritization Panels according to the Statement of Task to the Survey Committee.

As a service to help coordinate the solar physics community response, this web page was made available to those interested in preparing a white paper to register their intent and share information. By February 15 authors had submitted their white papers to the Astro2010 committee.

The full list of submitted white papers includes more than 320 submissions!

Please contact the listed authors if you have questions.



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Dynamos and Magnetic Fields of the Sun and Other Cool Stars

Carolus Schrijver


The Solar Chromosphere

Tom Ayres


Particle Acceleration

Tim Bastian


Magnetically-Driven Activity in the Solar Corona: A Path to Understanding the Energetics of Astrophysical Plasmas

Sarah Gibson


Stellar Physics of the Solar Interior in the Coming Decade

Frank Hill


Solar & Heliospheric Physics with Low Frequency Radio Arrays

Justin Caspar


Magnetic Flux Emergence on Sun-like Stars

Yuhong Fan & Matthias Rempel


Generation, Evolution and Destruction of Solar Magnetic Fields (Measuring and Modeling the Small-Scale Magnetic Flux of the Sun)

Steve Keil


Heating of Stellar Winds

Chris Russell & Lan Jian


The Solar Dynamo and Magnetic Self Organization

Alexander Kosovichev



Causes of Solar Activity

Mark Giampapa

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