IMF Sector Boundaries 1982-1988

Composite:      List of the well-defind sector boundaries identified
		from the composite polarity (the computed daily polarity plus
		the inferred daily polarity replacing the missising data) daily
		polarity distributions by using a modified definition of the
		"well-defined" sector boundary:

		or sometimes	++++---+--

		Here "+" refers to a UT day of outward polarity; 
		"-" to a day of inward polarity and 
		":" to a day of mixed polarity.

Spacecraft      list of the sector boundary (helispheric current sheet)
		crossing) identified from the in situ observations of magnetic
		field and plasma (Omnitape data) based on the characteristics
		of the field and plasma in the heliospheric current sheet,
		i.e., spiral field polarity reversal and low velocity and high
		density.  Same definition for daily polarities as above.

Xuepu Zhao
Nov. 26, 1991

Composite 1982-1988
Spacecraft 1982-1988

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