IMF Sector Boundaries 1947-1982

Tabulation of Well-Defined Boundaries in the Interplanetary Magnetic Field

The list in SUIPR No. 648 has been updated with the help of spacecraft observations. The attached list should be used in preference to that in SUIPR Report No. 648.

Philip H. Scherrer
1 May 1986

This list has historically been known as DAT26a

SB 1947-1982


On the tabulation dated 17 December 1981 the boundary 1978:08:26 and the 19 boundaries following it were in error; i.e. they were one day later than they should have been. On the present list this error has been corrected. Four boundaries have also been added to the list: 1978:11:14, 1979:2:22, 1979:03:10 and 1979:07:27. The boundary 1979:12:06 and all those following did not appear on the previous tabulation dated 17 December 1981. We apologize to anyone inconvenienced by the above.

The boundaries after August 1978 were determined from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory magnetometer experiment on ISEE-3. We thank Ed Smith, the Principal Investigator.

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